Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Original and the best Christmas Markets

Every year in the sleepy mountain village of Bad Hindelang in the Bavarian Allgau, just a short drive from our Alpine Lodge the Carnegie Alpenrose, they hold the most beautiful Christmas Market.
With over 200,000 Christmas lights strung through the narrow streets of the town the event is probably the most Christmassy thing you have ever seen!
The event is opened with a magical Fairytale Christmas parade of Angels, Elves, Snow Queens, and many more - You will be transported into an enchanting, snowy winter wonderland.
Wander the maze of streets lined with delicious food stalls with a warming mug of Glühwein (mulled wine). The aromas of the Christmassy spices from the numerous stalls are hard to resist. From beautiful handmade decorations to the perfect gift for your loved ones there are stalls throughout the market that will spark your imagination and get you in the mood for the festive season ahead. There is something for everyone here; from Nativity plays and various workshops for the children to romantic walks and fireside drinks with your loved one.
The Carnegie Alpenrose Lodge is offering a three night break on the 27th Nov – 30th Dec and the 4th Dec to the 7th Dec. Prices start at €150.00per person or *€450 for a family. This includes half board accommodation a continental breakfast buffet, packed lunch, and a four course evening meal. You will also receive complimentary sledge hire and a glass of Glühwein (mulled wine) with traditional German Christmas biscuits on arrival.
Cheap flights from London Stansted to either Friedrichshafen or Memmingen are available with Ryan Air. Cheap car hire through Ryan Air is available at both airports.
Please contact us at info@my-peakpotential or on +49 8321 7884854 for availability and further information.
*Based on 2 Adults and 2 Children (under 14) sharing.
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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

In to 2009 with My Peak Potential

From the arrival of our first holiday guests on the 22nd December right up until waving the last of the New Year's stragglers goodbye, the Carnegie Alpenrose has been full of life this year.
The families that joined us here for Chrismas day made it particularly special. With 6 children under the age of 8, Santa utilised our Gym as his delivery room. (There just wasn't enough room under the tree!) A varitable Everest of presents awaited them on Christmas day morning and, as a bonus to us, they were speechless for at least 30 seconds
A morning Sledging on the field infront of the Lodge was enough to build their appetites for a very hearty traditional Christmas dinner. I might add it was a traditional English Christmas dinner, the Germans have potato salad and sausages for theirs! This was closely followed by a calming Disney film in the Carnegie Alpenrose cinema. Wrapped up in Duvets this kept them quiet enough for the "Grown ups" to indulge in some festivities of their own.
Christmas was over all to quickly but the ski school for the little ones continued. With the children's novice area only 300m from the lodge, they were able to walk back and forth from the Lodge to keep warm, with unstopping cups of tea and mince pies.
As the guests for New Year started to trickle into the Lodge, the ski room filled up and the corridors buzzed with excitement. The sun shone and the temperatures stayed low enough for us all to enjoy the amazing winter wonderland up here at Gunzesried Sage. The mix of families, couples and single visitors was perfect. Everybody made themselves at home, which is just how we like it here, and came and went as they pleased. Some leaving early for the Slopes and some easing themselves into the day with a leisurely breakfast and a spot of relaxing on the Sofa!
Good friends were made, e-mail addresses swapped , facebook invites sent and above all a great start to the New Year was made for all. We are now embarking on a busy programme of Ski touring courses, Corporate Team Building days and we are nearly full up for Easter. However please don't hesitate to get in contact if you are tempted to join us anytime in 2009. We will do our best to fit you in.
Until then, stay posted

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Skiing in the Bavarian Alps

Shhh! This is one of the best kept secrets in the world of Alpine Skiing! With the slopes opening a week early due to fantastic conditions, we were able to have a sneeky preview of the ski areas. Last weekend we hit the lifts of Oberjoch, a great little ski area on the edge of the Alps, near Sonthofen. We were a party of seven, including a 7 yr old, an 8 yr old, a highly qualified ski instructor (he was having a day off!) a boarder, a novice and a couple of proficients eager to improve! Oberjoch is the perfect area for such a mixed party as ourselves. It has a great variety of terrain from long sweeping nursery slopes to perfectly groomed steeper stuff and some quite interesting off piste adventures! There are also some great Cross country tracks at the bottom of the area so their is something for everyone.

The thing is that besides the Germans very few people think of the Bavarian Alps as a ski destination. Now on the one hand this is what makes it so special - the slopes are quiet, the queues for the lifts are shorter, if there is one at all! and you can get a table at lunchtime! Yet aside from this I feel compelled to share the secret. The Austrian, French and Swiss Alps are the superstars, but lingering on the edge of the scene is the Cinderella of Ski areas, the Bavarian Alps. To see more of the area, have a look at for webcams, weather and snow reports etc. You can also see more about winter activities and accommodation on our website

The snow is still falling here and there are good Powder conditions on the higher areas, such as the Fellhorn and Nebelhorn. These are two of the larger resorts in the area. So if you are looking for a change of scene from your usual ski resort, come and discover this corner of the Alps for yourself. The added bonus is that it's much more affordable than France and Switzerland. Lesson, ski hire and ski passes at cheaper as is the food and drink. See you soon Jo


Thursday, 27 November 2008

A weekend to remember

It is offical the snow is really here. The last lot was just a teaser and the last weekend we got a good meter of the white stuff and with freezing temperatures it is here to stay!

The group in this video were in two minds about how the weather would effect their stay and we had the climbing wall booked as back up, but they decided to brave the wintery conditions and stick with the programme.

The snow made their trip. First on the schedule was a days team building in our stunning gorge behind the Lodge. The perfect shelter from the blizzarding snow! With the team roped up safely they embarked on their descent of the gorge. Down two abseils, a traverse of the river and the on to the two zip lines. The snow fell heavily but this all added to the amazing atmosphere and the excitement, and the biggest bonus of being out in the snow is the coming in. With the cosy sofas waiting for them and hot Gluhwein, tea and coffee, it was the reward they all deserved.

Day 2 involved the amazing Sky Walk high ropes course under the World class ski jump in Obertsdorf. Strung between the two towers of the jump the course is a maze of exciting challenges and culminates in the Big Swing. You are tied onto a long rope that swings out from the end of the cantilevered structure of the ski jump, allowing you to launch yourself from the platform at the top of the tower.

After all the adrenaline there was just enough energy to get to the top of the Sledge run and enjoy the speedy descent and then hunt for steeper terrain! The competetive edge kicked in here. There's no friend with sledging conditions like these.

The last day was time to enjoy the snow, with a steady walk on snow shoes up into the mountains around the Lodge rewarded with a hearty soup in the Lodge on their return. All in all a good few days in the mountains with winter conditions that are set to stay!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Nordic Skiing

Considered to be one of the best aerobic exercises, Nordic Skiing involves the simultaneous use of one’s arms and legs and use of skiing equipment like boots, skis and poles. Nordic skiing finds its origins in Scandinavia and is over 4000 years old. It used to be the sole method of transportation for these snow and ice-bound regions. Today, Nordic Skiing has come a long way from being a mode of transportation, to being a major competitive sport played right up to Olympic level.
As The British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) Centre Of Excellence for Nordic Skiing. We offer packages where you can enjoy roaming freely around the loipes in Norway, Germany & Austria. Accommodation for the Germany & Austria packages will be held out our Centre Of Excellence in Bavaria The Carnegie Alpenrose.
Accommodation for the Norway packages at Easter will be with Nordicblowfish getaway . Information for this package can be gained direct from RESORT: Germany / Allgau HEIGHT: 900-1200M NEAREST AIRPORT: Friedrichshafen or Munich, Stuttgart DATES: TRANSFER TIME: Pick up from Friedrichshafen can be arranged. It take 1 hour to travel to the centre. However 2 hrs by train will get you to Kempten (Allgua) where pick up can be arranged. For train information visit 20 mins to the centre by road from Kempten (Allgua). DETAIL: Ski direct from the door of the BASI Centre of excellence for Nordic skiing. BASI Course available (ask separately for information). To book accommodation have a look at the centre’s exclusive accommodation, fully equipped with the state of the art gymnasium equipment, lecture facility, dining area and fully functional Wi-Fi throughout At the end of each week we hold our very own Biathlon Race (Ski & Shoot). We will also use other ski areas within 30mins drive from the centre. WHO ITS GOOD FOR:
Everyone - if you are improving your technique or undertaking a BASI Course you cannot miss out on the total adventure of this beautiful Alpine mountainous area. If you are interested in a few days of ski touring around the local area and learning about the snowpack then please ask for more details. TIPS: 20 mins by bus will take you to the town of Obersdorf the host to the 2005 Nordic World Championships.
PRICES: A 6 day package with Instructor / guide (not including accommodation, however discount on accommodation will be given on an arrange package) min 4 people £600 pp. Transfer price (TBC) BASI COURSES RESORT: Germany / Allgua HEIGHT: 900-1200M NEAREST AIRPORT: Friedrichshafen or Munich, Stuttgart TRANSFER TIME: Pick up from Friedrichshafen can be arranged 1 hour to the centre. However 2 hrs by train will get you to Kempten (Allgua) where pick up can be arranged visit 20 mins to the centre by road from Kempten (Allgua). BASI COURSES ON OFFER: Instructor course 10 Days £750 Germany 14-24 Mar /25-29 Mar 08 Instructor course 5 Days £385 Germany 14-19 Mar 08 Teacher Tec Module 5 Day £385 Germany 19-14 Mar/ 25-29 Mar08 Roller skiing 2 Days £200 Germany Summer Back Country Module 2 Days £235 Germany Min 3 can be arranged up on request Child Protection Module 5hrs During Course £55 Germany TBC SAQ Course 1 Day £120 Germany TBC *Nordic Training Week Winter 5 Days £425 Germany TBC *Nordic Training Week Summer 5 Days £425 Germany TBC
*This training week is designed by our very own Army Physical Training Instructor (Reps Level 4 qualified & SAQ Tutor) to increase your fitness. It’s ideal for all performers no matter what your sport. You will be taken on runs, mountain bike trails, road bike routes, Gym sessions, roller ski sessions (for skiers) and given the opportunity to increase you knowledge on Pulse monitors, fitness zones and nutritional values. PRICES (not including accommodation, however discount on accommodation will be given on an arrange packages) £425 pp. Bookings should be made directly through or

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Shaping memories

Some personal thoughts … Whenever I reflect on memories, like flicking through the dog-eared cards in an old fashioned library index draw, I see each memory as a colour and shape. I don’t know why they are captured and stored in this way, but for me it always has been. And the Bavarian post staff development experience is logged there as a crystal blue triangle.

This blue triangle began taking shape as I was climbing a most beautiful mountain on our second day. I was clearing my mind of the inner rattle when I realised for the first time in a long while, that what I was doing was really hard and to get through this I would need to focus. I also noticed that the inner space within me, usually filled with awe and adventure, had been sleeping. Maybe this occurs with age, maybe with having children. The joy of personal experiences is transferred to looking after coats and bags, preparing packed lunches and uttering words of encouragement to others who now face their new challenges. In my roles as youth worker, teacher, arts facilitator and partnership initiator, adventures have been achieved by proxy. The Alpenrose experience reignited my hunger for personal challenge, a reminder of the value of real experiences and how it can awaken inner self. Just as an air steward at the start of an aeroplane flight says, ‘fit your own oxygen mask before assisting others’, I had forgotten about sorting my own air supply, how to breathe and taste the nourishing air.
So why a triangle? Well, the triangle, as a shape of strength reflects the Alpenrose. At its base there is the warm hospitality, the fabulous local cuisine, a beautifully designed residence with space for fun and shared responsibility. At its peak, there is aspiration, challenge, essence of risk, the mountains, sunrises and sunsets through the windows with the silent call to explore. A triangle is the shape each step makes; is the helping arm that stretches out to assist you over difficult rocks and is the spur of the mountain that cuts into the sky. I was surrounded by triangles. A flock of geese flew over our heads as we rested for lunch during our long cycle ride, a triangular dart flying onwards on their long and arduous journey, headed by alternating geese as they each took their turn to lead; it was the piece of birthday cake we shared to celebrate our team member’s birthday.
Just as a triangular diagram refines and tapers towards its apex, I was able to refine my own personal narrative deep within me. I was able to align my inner with my outer voice as well as re-discover the power of silence. I was only able to achieve this with the support of fellow team members and the professional expertise of the leaders, many of whom would have taken me years, if ever, to find in the normal working environment. Preconceptions and prejudices were challenged and I found myself in positions where I was not in control but dependant on others to achieve and stay safe. Supported and encouraged by others, I found an inner resource to manage the fear, pain and exhaustion. And why blue? The crystal clean blue of the sky, the colour that unlocks stilled or sleeping creativity. It was the colour of the lake, reflecting the sky, lapping up our shared experiences of achievement, our surprise at surpassing our pre-conceived limits and our newly stirred passions awakened within us. Blue because it is the colour of focus and clarity, as in the time we were standing at the top of the mountain and could see three countries, or when I was facing the drop before abseiling down the side of an icey waterfall.
Blue because crystal sky blue is the colour of feeling alive and within the short time spent with new colleagues I had journeyed far beyond Bavaria. I had visited myself. And every minute of it was a huge and unforgettable privilege. Thank you. Julia Calver 17-20 October 2008

Monday, 3 November 2008

Winter is coming to My Peak Potential

The snow has arrived. This was the view from the hub of My Peak Potential, the Carnegie Alpenrose on October 30th and although the snow just tickled the ground down here at 935m above sea level, it is still hugging the very tops of the mountains and should stay to form a good base for fantastic conditions to come this season. The snow canons are all in place on the ski areas and the lifts are being re-chaired and tested so everything is getting geared up for a great season ahead. Get your tickets booked and skis/boards packed. I can smell the Gluwein and sausages already!